Interstate Hike – 1/09/16

Frozen Meadow


Townsend State Forest in Townsend, MA, where the above photo was NOT taken, has its share of beaver activity. It is also close to the state line, so a hiker with a bit of ambition can walk to New Hampshire.



Eastern Massachusetts, where the above photo WAS taken, is covered in crust about two inches thick. This area under an oak tree has gotten worked through. I would presume it was deer in search of acorns. The snow was not deep, but it was well packed. The next day, we got about 1.5 inches of rain, so life has gotten easier for woodland foragers.


Some foragers have it easier. They can just nibble evergreen branches.

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New Year’s Day on Mt Monadnock

It’s not quite a tradition, but I have done it before. This January 1st was a cold but clear day and odd weather made it possible to take a route that is not usually open this time of year.


Both of these trailheads are difficult to access in winter, so I took this as a unique opportunity.

The Marlboro Trail parking lot is accessible after plowing, but doesn’t always get plowed. The Dublin Trail parking lot gets a birm of snow plowed across the road, but it had washed away in the warm rain.

I parked at the Dublin Trail and road walked about 3 miles to the Marlboro Trail. I found an interesting freeze pattern in a large puddle on Shaker Farm Road.


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Dead Swamp


This is the Dead Swamp, located in Townsend State Forest. ¬†Townsend is my usual destination when I want to get out for a walk, but don’t have time to go to the White Mountains.

I came out this way on Dec 29, with the hopes of a photographing a moose. Not impossible, but I equate the odds as approximately the same as winning the lottery. I have seen signs in the area, but not every trip.

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Boundaries & Juxtaposition

Border, boundary, cusp, edge, intersection, divide.


The last hours of autumn

The last hours of autumn

This cliff is on private property, bordering Townsend State Forest, about 100 yards from the New Hampshire State Line. The photo was taken at the very close of Autumn, just a couple hours before the Winter Solstice. Unseen, there is a barbed wire fence between the cliffs and where the photographer stood. Just a few minutes prior, the ATV riders had vacated the area before the photographer arrived on foot.

The temperature was just above freezing. There was a light snow falling, but melting as it touched ground


No marijuana was consumed while composing this post.