Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 11 Heels

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When Instagram introduced ads a few months ago, people had a collective aneurysm about it. A business trying to make money? Who the fuck do they think they are? Well, perhaps this will soothe a bit of your agitation. With Instagram's enormous fashion following , the company is starting to roll out shoppable ads that will allow the user to buy things directly through the app, according to Fashionista .

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 11 Heels, No one is exactly sure how this is going to work just yet, between buying through the app itself and storing your credit card information, opening up a page in your browser and buying from there, giving Instagram a bonus referral cut or some other method, but it's obviously something that makes sense for the 'Gram. And considering how many fashion brands I've seen advertise on the app already, you can expect more of them to get in on it if it means they'll actually move some units. In addition to those few ads you already see, if the company is trying to sell something, you'll see a little Shop Now button underneath the photo. Also, if you're on Pinterest—where Pinfluencers tend to make the craziest amounts of money —you'll also be able to pick up some new gear with new Buy It pins , even though Pinterest is far and away the least stylish of the social networks . Hopefully, some solid menswear brands get in on the action rather than having the feed dominated by Michael Korsian bullshit.

While ads are nobody's favorite thing, the easier shopping is, the better. Because it's not like you're gonna stop shopping in protest or some shit. That would be laughable.

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