Black Friday Nike Air Jordan Aero Flight

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There are few things in life that are better than a good deal. Whether you’re waiting for sale season or hitting up thrift stores, there’s this sense of accomplishment that comes with copping quality gear at a discounted price. But there’s one source that may be tricking us into thinking we’re getting a legit bargain: the outlet mall.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan Aero Flight, In the past, we’ve addressed how several outlet stores were created specifically for low-quality merch —meaning the offered pieces aren’t from retailers’ overstock, they’re actually cheaply made items that were intended to be sold at lower price points. This business model has been so misleading that it prompted Buzzfeed to take a closer look at what these stores are actually offerinng.

Turns out, you’re likely getting what you pay for.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan Aero Flight In the video shown above, Westin Eehn explores the difference between retail and outlet stores. He finds out that what was originally intended to sell excess goods has turned into a business of inferior products. As outlets became increasingly successful, brands decided to create clothing and accessories that were cheaper to make, and they began selling those designs at their outlet locations.

2016 Fragment Design x NikeLab Air Trainer 1 SP The video goes onto explain how these stores operate and what differences consumers can look out for when purchasing from outlets. Experts even offer some useful tips to determine if you’re actually getting a good deal from these stores (some of which still offer excess inventory rather than shit-quality pieces). So before you hit up your local outlet mall, be sure to check out the video above.