Black Friday Nike Air Max 360

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2016 Nike Free Socfly SD As a collective, are we fucking with bandanas at all? I think I might fuck with bandanas this summer. Life hack: throw a bandana in some ice water or even in the freezer. Then when your extremely caucasian friends throw a pig roast (also known as a barbecue ) in the backyard where they spent all of May building reclaimed wooden benches for you to sit on, you can have an ice-cold bandana wrapped around your carotid artery, cooling you down so you don’t explode in a fit of rage when they make you play that game where you throw beanbags into a fucking whole. LIKE, GIVE ME A JOINT OR A GIANT GLASS OF BOOZE AND LET ME JUDGE YOUR LANDSCAPING IN PEACE, JANET. I DON’T WANT TO PLAY LAWN GAMES WITH YOUR FUCKING COUSINS. JESUS CHRIST, THIS IS THE WORST BARBECUE I'VE EVER BEEN TO.  Oh yeah, this Eagle bandana holder will hold your bandana.

Black Friday Nike Air Max 360,