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If you’re going to take a stroll in the sketchier parts of town, be cautious about wearing gang-affiliated colors. Otherwise, you might be forced to take them off in the middle of the sidewalk and endure some pretty intense humiliation.

Black Friday Nike Air Max 90 Premium EM, In a video posted by World Star Hip Hop , we see an alleged Blood member stop his car to confront a pedestrian whose wearing blue paisley slippers. Apparently, the video was taken on Crips territory , and the driver/cameraman was so offended by the dude’s footwear that he demanded him to take them off.

“Take that shit off,” he tells the man, before I pop your bitch ass.”

Black Friday Nike Air Max 90 Premium EM Of course, the man on foot does as he’s told and takes the blue slippers off to save his life. The suspected Blood member does the guy dirty by not only forcing him to walk without any shoes, but then filming the event and posting it on the Internet.

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