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All that we hate in culture, whether it be a television show, night life, or fashion, seems to fall under two easy labels: bro and hipster. The hipster is obnoxious because he is so committed to being esoteric that he becomes a parody of himself. The bro has the opposite problem: His tastes are comprised of the low hanging fruit of pop culture. He feels more like the personification of a beer company focus group than a flesh and blood human being.

Black Friday Nike Air Presto Flyknit, A friend of mine likes to point out that we hate bros and hipsters for the same reason: They take things that we love, cultural items that, on their face, are somewhere between not bad and fucking awesome and ruin them with their slavish devotion. We should all have the maturity to acknowledge that the hipsters are on to something when it comes to craft beer, recycling, and vinyl. So too should we be man enough to stand up and say that a day spent shotgunning beers, eating nachos, and playing cornhole actually sounds pretty fun.

As a peace offering to my bro brethren, today, I would like to talk about bro fashions that aren't actually that bad. Sure, in the hands of an SAE pledge, these style statements are generally deployed with the nuance of a fraternity hazing ritual, but often, the principles are sound. 

2015 Nike Air Jordan 4 IV Black Friday Nike Air Presto Flyknit Bros of America: Today I offer you an olive branch in hopes that maybe we can get along after all. Sure, I'll still be irritated when your visor clad head blocks my view of the game, and I see you staring at my girl, but maybe—just maybe—we can find some common ground. Here are 10 Bro Style Staples That Aren't Terrible.