Black Friday Nike Air Presto High

Shoes like the Nike free run, Nike Air Presto High , Nike internationalist and Nike roshe runs are the few shoes that always get people talking and purchasing.

Over at Quartz, we get a quick look at the true cross section of the sneaker market . Sneakerheads addicted to the fast paced release schedule who have to find money in their bank accounts and paychecks every few weeks, while ravenous and loyal, are only a small percentage of the audience actually buying sneakers. The hype seems loud and all-encompassing at times, but it's the customer strolling into their local sneaker store and buying a pair of casual, comfortable shoes that is leading the market—the parents of these young sneakerheads most likely.

Black Friday Nike Air Presto High, This all means one shocking piece of information that you might not be aware of: Skechers is the #2 sneaker company in the U.S., recently passing Adidas for the second spot. Skecher's wide-ranging appeal for the people who aren't sneakerheads runs much deeper. They don't necessarily care about the shape or the style or the hype, completely free and devoid of any attempt to be cool. Or maybe they're wearing Air Monarchs out of irony . Either way, while Adidas wants to be cool, the audience for that is pretty fucking small, i.e. Four Pins.

Granted, we've been known to wear some pretty geriatric sneakers in our time, so maybe we're already halfway there.

2015 Nike Air Jordan 4 IV Black Friday Nike Air Presto High [ Photo via Skechers blog ]