Black Friday Nike Free 4.0 V3

Shoes like the Nike free run, Nike Free 4.0 V3 , Nike internationalist and Nike roshe runs are the few shoes that always get people talking and purchasing.

Wow, the signs of the shopping apocalypse are nigh. According a report in The Washington Post , rich people buying rich people things don't want flashy logos anymore. And it has bigger implications than you think.

Black Friday Nike Free 4.0 V3, Shoppers now want hard-to-find, low-key, but discreetly expensive items. The Washington Post thinks that this might be due to the current political discourse surrounding income equality. You know, that whole 1% vs. the world thing where anyone that flaunts their wealth is going to get their comeuppance when the revolution finally hits. The CEO of Richemont, which owns plenty of high-end, luxury companies related to jewelry and watches, said that this shift literally keeps him up at night. Typical rich guy cry baby shit if you ask me.

This is particularly strange when considering how much the luxury market has grown. You'd think that with such interest and money in the world of all things luxe, logos wouldn't affect things too much. It seems that with all the awareness of how much money everyone brings home, we've become afraid to flaunt our wealth at the risk of being judged. The likes of Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have all worked to fix the problem by lessening their reliance on logos and branding. But, like, what's even the point of a logo if a company doesn't use it then? Right now, the trend is all inconspicuous everything and blowing racks on experiences, as oppose to items, that you can readily share on the 'Gram. Miss us with that Gucci coat and send us on a trip to the Maldives instead.

Black Friday Nike Free 4.0 V3 [ Photo via The Business of Fashion ]

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