Black Friday Nike Free Flyknit 5.0

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2016 Air Jordan 7 Retro GS I fucking LOVE this Kapital hat. It's just floppy and distressed enough for my tastes. I love that this would complete my old guy at the waterfront look. You know that guy. No matter what town you're in, no matter what type of waterfront—ocean, river, canal, man-made pond—there's always some lone old guy wearing a destroyed, floppy hat reminiscent of this $190 indigo-dyed canvas number. He's normally sitting by some fishing poles or on a bench eating a sandwich. Everyone thinks he's homeless or something, but really he's just an eccentric millionaire who was estranged from his family because he refused to follow in the tradition of becoming a board member of a mid-level pharmaceutical corporation and instead lived for four years in a yurt on a small pomelo orchard in Arizona before moving back home to sit on the boardwalk and eat expensive, seafood-based sandwiches.

Black Friday Nike Free Flyknit 5.0,