Dead Swamp


This is the Dead Swamp, located in Townsend State Forest. ¬†Townsend is my usual destination when I want to get out for a walk, but don’t have time to go to the White Mountains.

I came out this way on Dec 29, with the hopes of a photographing a moose. Not impossible, but I equate the odds as approximately the same as winning the lottery. I have seen signs in the area, but not every trip.


As is often the case when playing the lottery, all you get is poop. In this case, it appears to be from a rather large deer. If these nuggets were left behind by a small moose, it would likely still be with its mother.


There is was, right along a trail. Not sure if it’s that-a-way, or straight up the tree. Cue Zager & Evans.


We had a warm rain recently. Temperatures got into the low 50s and some places got over 2′ of rain. Nothing record breaking, but plenty of acorns got fooled. This will have some effect in the spring. I’ve no idea what it will be, so if some of the squirrels reading¬†could let us know, please do.


Some ice I found while headed back. The acorns have frozen again.

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