Interstate Hike – 1/09/16

Frozen Meadow


Townsend State Forest in Townsend, MA, where the above photo was NOT taken, has its share of beaver activity. It is also close to the state line, so a hiker with a bit of ambition can walk to New Hampshire.



Eastern Massachusetts, where the above photo WAS taken, is covered in crust about two inches thick. This area under an oak tree has gotten worked through. I would presume it was deer in search of acorns. The snow was not deep, but it was well packed. The next day, we got about 1.5 inches of rain, so life has gotten easier for woodland foragers.


Some foragers have it easier. They can just nibble evergreen branches.


moose poop


Not even a good picture of moose poo!

This does, however, illustrate what I like about this place. There are occasional moose sign in Townsend SF, but just a short ways over the state line the signs become much more abundant. Scat, like above, is the most obvious. You can also see hoof prints in the crust to either side, the one on the left having a few nuggets in it.

I do get a small thrill knowing that moose are wandering the woods not so far from my house, in a place about 90 minutes from downtown Boston.




The footing is a little better here in winter



You could almost fool yourself that this is a tidal creek.




On the way back, I meandered a bit. I discovered a beaver meadow I hadn’t visited before. I’ll be back.




Cattail found in above meadow, just inside the Mass border.


More pictures here.

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