Mt Kearsarge



Mt Kearsarge in central New Hampshire is a relatively civilized mountain. You can drive up by car in season, or snowmobile…


but not this year.

The lack of snowmobile traffic made life more bearable for animals. A moose took the road for a ways.



The upper parking lot is half a mile from the summit.  It offers good views and opportunities for sunbathing.


OK, maybe hold off on the sunbathing.

Even though the sky was overcast and there was a snowstorm on the way, there were views to be had.



the White Mountains…white_mts

all the way to Mount Washington.



As popular as Kearsarge is, you can get away from the crowd. With an early start (in the off season) I didn’t see anyone until I was nearly back to the parking lot at the base.

If you want to do some off trail hiking, a couple ridges offer some very pretty birch groves.

Little Mountain:little_mtn


Black Mountain:



I have old photos from trips to both Little and Black, so there may be a future post on them.

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