New Year’s Day on Mt Monadnock

It’s not quite a tradition, but I have done it before. This January 1st was a cold but clear day and odd weather made it possible to take a route that is not usually open this time of year.


Both of these trailheads are difficult to access in winter, so I took this as a unique opportunity.

The Marlboro Trail parking lot is accessible after plowing, but doesn’t always get plowed. The Dublin Trail parking lot gets a birm of snow plowed across the road, but it had washed away in the warm rain.

I parked at the Dublin Trail and road walked about 3 miles to the Marlboro Trail. I found an interesting freeze pattern in a large puddle on Shaker Farm Road.


The Marlboro Trail opens up to ledges at about 2200′.  The ledges saw a bit of rain.


I didn’t get any good photos of the summit, or taken on the summit. Here is a middling one of Rt 124 crossing Perkins Pond.



From the summit I headed back to Jim’s Junction. If you know the sign maker, you get to be famous. From there I descended via the Dublin Trail. There were dozens of people, but let them post their own photos 😉

Here is Pumpelly Ridge from the Dublin Trail.pumpelly

The upper reaches of the trail were pretty dicey, with barely enough rock in some places to land a boot. I was bare-booting, keeping my snowshoes strapped to my pack. Creepers would have been the thing to wear.

The lower reaches of the trail had a bit of ice as well.


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