Sachem Peak


Sachem Peak is on a trail-less ridge in Waterville Valley. If you were to stop off at Jennings Peak…


on your way up Sandwich Dome, look off to the West. The ridge below is Acteon Ridge, with the nearest outcrop being Sachem Peak.

I did manage to get moving by sunrise, but as they say, “Red sky at morning, photographer take warning.”


The sky was high, thin overcast, producing milky sunshine. There were a few patches of blue.


The weather was clear enough for the Air Force to go on exercises.


There was also a fighter flying through the area, but I wasn’t able to get a shot of it. My initial thought was that it was the Vermont Air National Guard, but they fly F-16s and this fighter was a swept-wing design. I’ll call Fox Muldar to look into it.

I’ll post more photos in my gallery soon eventually.


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